February 3, 2018
5 months and 13 days since
the event.

We are excited to host the 10th Annual MHRTA Ski-A-Thon Challenge on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018!  This fundraising activity is performed entirely by the athletes and families of Mt. Hood Race Team and Academy.  


This is our primary winter fundraising event and all proceeds will be used to purchase the equipment necessary to support athlete training.  Every year, the Foundation spends thousands of dollars to purchase gates, drills, radios and other training hill equipment.


The event is fun for all ages, with great energy, prizes and awards!


The Ski-A-Thon Challenge will start at 9:00am Saturday, February 3rd, with athletes loading the Green Chair at Multorpor and making laps on designated runs and courses.  


They will receive two and half hours to make as many laps as possible.  In addition to free ski laps, athletes will be required to ski several challenge laps (like Dual SL racing) and courses to successfully complete the Ski-A-Thon!  The venue will be controlled and supported by both the MHRTA coaches and parents.


**Younger athletes will get double laps so they can compete on a level field with older athletes.**

Thank you for your generous donations and we'll see you on the hill!

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